Sunset on Kampot river.


Kampot river is a popular evening spot for the locals. If you go down to the furthest south of the river, there is a small village with lots of coconut trees on the opposite end of the river bank making a very nice view in the evening.


There is something charming about towns with river across it. Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Pursat and Kampot all have one.

Otres beach, Sihanoukville.


Some pictures from our trip to Sihanoukville. We went to Otres beach on Tuesday so not to catch the weekend crowd. The sand is fine and almost white, and the water is as clear as ever. The good thing about Sihanoukville beach is that the wave very low. A good water playground albeit pretty hot in the morning and afternoon.


There appears to be nothing much to do in Sihanoukville besides the beach though. The city itself is becoming a bit overcrowd and have an air of Phuket and Bangkok to it. A drive-by Serendipity beach confirmed our suspicion which is actually not a good thing. Still, the beach and fresh salty air are all we need there. Otres in particular.



Sunset at Nataya, Kampot.


I took this picture at Nataya resort, Kampot which is a good spot for sunset. The beach is on the west side, and jetty and the island in the background make up good counterpoints to the sun (whatever that means in terms of photography).


The resort itself is pretty, except for the muddy water; of course, Kampot beach is not in the same quality as that of Sihanoukville. It was on holiday. The place was a bit crowded when we were there and appeared to be overwhelmed with wedding photography. While we enjoyed the time, we’re not sure if we’ll go there again as the entry fee became prohibitively expensive.